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Last Day of School

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Our room will be closed as they are waxing the floor. Please go to the portable where we put our desks and chairs. School starts at 9:00am. Please wear your full dress uniforms. We will be dismissed by about 10:30 am. After the assembly we will go back to the portable and report cards will be handed out. Have a great summer holiday. Mr. Bird

Waterslides Thursday June 13th

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Permission slips have been sent home. If you as a parent wish to go the charge is ten dollars per parent sliding or non sliding. Send enough towels to dry off multiple times. Rain or shine we will be going to the Cultus Lake Water Park.

Swimming Wednesday

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We are allowed to wear play clothes to the wave pool. Modest swim suits must be worn.

Aquarium Field Trip

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aq 1    Our Vancouver Aquarium Field Trip is part of our Science grade. Students will be assigned into small groups and they will have to find fish that fit different categories. They will have example pages to help them. Groups must work together to collect all of the answers. It is an excellent learning experience. Students need to arrive at school at 7:30. We will leave at 7:45 am. My suggestion is that students go immediately to the tropical fish section before the crowds make it hard to view the name plates of the fish. While Mrs. Couse’s class is there at the same time they are not doing the assignment we are. I will be observing the class to see that everyone is behaving correctly.

Track Meet Information

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Students need to arrive at school at about 6:30 am. We want to leave by 6:45 am. Students should bring extra clothes and their P.E. strip. They should be prepared for any type of weather from cool and wet to sunny and hot. They shopuld bring a large lunch as they will burn off lots of energy. There is a concession stand open at Swangaard Stadium.

DIRECTIONS IF DRIVING.   Highway One to Willingdon Exit in Burnaby.  Willingdon is after Kensington exit going west. Remenber to use the Diamond H.O.V. Lane.   You will exit Willington and go SOUTH.  About a third of the way up the hill past  B.C.I.T on the right hand side is a high school. Turn RIGHT on Moscrop St. Keep going straight until you come to Boundary Road.  Turn left and proceed south. After you cross Kingsway you go about four blocks and you will see the parking lot for Swangaard Stadium. It is just past the Swimming Pool.

Spring Sing Information

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Refreshments will be served from 6:30 to 7:00 pm. Students are to wear their full dress uniform. Students need to be in the classroom by 6:45 pm.

Gr. 6 Bake Sale

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On Wednesday, May 29th, the grade 6 class will be having a bake sale at lunch to raise funds for their World Vision project.  All baked goods will be $.50 a piece, with a maximum purchase of 2 pieces per child. Thanks for your support!


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Tonight a reminder that from 7:00 t0 9:pm. there will be an excellent presentation on technology and your family. You will leave informed of some of the trends happening today. You will go away from the presentation with the ability to make decisions about current technology and its use in your home. I hope to see you there.


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Tuesday is class picture day. All students should wear their full dress uniform. They do not need to wear them Wednesday.

Special Days

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Tuesday April 23 is Knight Day. Students can wear jeans if they wear the Highroad red or black T-shirt. Wednesday April 24 is Jeans day. Students can wear jeans if they buy a Jeans Day button from the school office for 5 dollars. Students will have to wear their regular uniform if they do not wear a Highroad T-shirt or have a Jeans Day button. Jeans Day monies go to the B.C. Children’s Hospital.